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Daily Media Report recap: October 5 to October 17


The most read stories from the past two weeks included a Canadian winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, growing concerns over the BC Hydro Site C Dam project, and a study calling for action on speed limits in British Columbia.

Donna Strickland wins Nobel Prize: On October 2, 2018, Canadian physicist Donna Strickland became the first woman in 55 years and the third ever to win the Nobel Prize in Physics for her groundbreaking research on short-burst lasers.

Retired BC Hydro engineer expresses concerns about Site C dam project: With a landslide-related evacuation of Old Fort, BC in the news, retired BC Hydro engineer Vern Ruskin made a call for an independent safety review of modified designs for the Site C dam project. Ruskin directed the team that designed the five dams originally planned for the Peace River.

High BC speed limits causing significant problems: An increase in fatalities, injuries, crashes and insurance claims on some B.C. roads is linked to a 2014 decision by the former provincial government to raise speed limits on the rural highways, according to a new study.

Shopify founder warnings about welcoming U.S. tech companies: Tobi Lutke expressed his concerns about recent announcements of US tech companies like Uber opening offices in Canada, noting that many of them poach the country’s top talent with high salaries, making it difficult for smaller Canadian companies to compete.

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