Engineers Canada welcomes recent announcements aimed at reducing barriers to the introduction of new housing supply in Canada. As we noted in our comments to the Government of Canada on the proposed Housing Design Catalogue, professional engineers play an essential role in the building process by ensuring that various development scenarios align with provincial building codes, meet local infrastructure requirements, and accommodate user- and site-specific engineering needs. Provincial and territorial engineering regulators hold professional engineers accountable in this work to keep Canadians safe.

The role of professional engineers in the building process is especially important when considering expanding the role of pre-fabrication and pre-approved designs like a Housing Design Catalogue. By ensuring that professional engineers are involved in the creation and approval of standardized designs, products and processes for construction, the federal government can achieve their objectives while protecting the public.

Engineers Canada eagerly anticipates further details on these measures in Budget 2024 on April 16. We also await further consultation from the Government of Canada to ensure the successful implementation of these programs.