After completing an undergraduate engineering program, many graduates aren’t sure what their next steps will be, aside from getting a job. The prospect of licensure as an engineer isn’t always on their radar, and getting started in that process can be daunting. To help fill this gap, Engineers Canada has launched Pathway to Engineering, a resource to help engineering graduates better understand the licensure process, grow their professional network, and understand the advantages to earning their P.Eng.

Alongside information about the licensure process, Pathway to Engineering will also feature an ongoing series of articles called Insights, where engineers, both seasoned and aspiring, share their stories and advice about becoming part of the engineering community.

In addition, our quarterly webinar series—Exchanges—will host real-time conversations about the engineering journey. The first webinar, “You have your engineering degree... now what?”, is planned for Wednesday, March 27 where we'll be speaking with recent engineering graduates about their work experiences and how they are using their engineering knowledge to contribute to today’s biggest challenges.

We’ll also be listing events from engineering regulators and other members of the engineering community that would be of interest to engineering graduates and engineers-in-training or others undertaking the licensure process.

Pathway to Engineering is also a hub to connect with engineering employers and educators. These are both key participants in shaping the future of the engineering profession and can help aspiring engineers navigate their career journey. Engineering educators are often the first connection many will have with the profession while a supportive engineering employer can jumpstart an engineering graduates career while giving their company a competitive advantage. 

Pathway to Engineering is at the start of its own journey, looking forward to growing its network and helping to connect graduates with the people and knowledge to become engineers. Connect with the program on social media at InstagramLinkedIn, and Facebook, or visit the website and subscribe to our newsletter.