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Engineers Canada submits pre-budget recommendations to federal government


Engineers Canada has submitted its annual pre-budget recommendations to the federal government in advance of the 2021 budget.

This year, the federal government asked for comments on measures to restart the Canadian economy as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Engineers Canada submitted three recommendations on specific topics important to the engineering profession, especially in light of the pandemic.

First, Engineers Canada is recommending that the federal government kickstart the economy through the acceleration of projects promised in the Investing in Canada Plan program, support green infrastructure, and natural resources investments. Economic recovery in the long term requires the federal government to accelerate planned infrastructure projects through the Investing in Canada Plan program and other legacy programs into the next two or three years as stimulus. By accelerating approvals, jobs will be created, and the economy will continue to be supported. Engineers Canada also called on the federal government to continue to invest in green infrastructure as part of its COVID-19 recovery plans, and also as a way to deliver on Canada’s climate change commitments. Engineers Canada also recommended increasing support for natural resource projects.

Second, Engineers Canada recommended that the government continue to support efforts to build Canada’s high-speed broadband connectivity through sustainable digital infrastructure, the necessity of which has been made even more clear throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in work-from-home arrangements.

Third, Engineers Canada recommended that the federal government continue to support diversity and inclusion initiatives across Canada, as well as support the recruitment, retention, and professional development of women in the engineering profession.

Read the full recommendations in Engineers Canada’s pre-budget submission