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Happy Holidays from Engineers Canada!


Thank you to all those partners and volunteers who helped us accomplish so much this year. Despite all the disruption of 2020, Engineers Canada achieved much to advance Canadian engineering through national collaboration. To mark this, we present a new holiday classic, "T'was the day after lockdown."

T'was the day after lockdown

T'was the day after lockdown and all through the office
Not a colleague was stirring, nor clicking a mouse.

Our team had been sent home with laptops in hand
In hopes that COVID, we all could withstand.

The work it continued, our hearts didn’t falter
Our determination to succeed never once did it alter.

With kids at our knees and pets on our lap
We took to the task of charting a new map.

We quickly learned Skype and then we joined Teams
And now we’re all pros at sending gifs and odd memes

Nos liens se sont renforcés et à la pandémie nous avons résisté,
Le moral nous nous sommes remonté et cette crise, nous l’avons affrontée.

The AB responded, deferring visits and extending decisions
While reviewing a whole host of policy provisions.

They’re preparing to do accreditation visits remotely
And investigating how online course delivery will not affect this year only.

To reduce the black box an accountability in accreditation assessment framework began
And the online data management platform adjusted its plan.

To help engineers, our affinity partners took action
From premium relief and mental health tools, it was a swift reaction.

Our 30 by 30 champions continued to meet and exchange
Ideas and information to help engineers who are under-represented more fully engage.

For INWED we profiled those women fighting this disease
Doing things like maintaining essential services, making test equipment, and PPE.

We released a resource for employers to increase diversity and retention
And launched a guide for STEM programs to evaluate their inclusion.

Nous avons cédé le CVIIP et l’IRP à des experts ayant la technique
Pour continuer de faire avancer la résilience au changement climatique.

We reviewed federal legislation for where engineers had responsibility
And created a new national position statement on cyber security.

National Engineering Month pivoted quickly to being an online affair
And we’re working with regulators on digital outreach, as for the future we prepare.

We worked with Indigenous advisors to release a land acknowledgement guide
And held training to advance relations with Indigenous People in stride.

The QB released new guidelines this year
Approved revised syllabi, and launched consultations to the public sphere.

We worked alongside the regulators, officials groups and committees,
To confront the challenges now faced to varying degrees.

From board meetings to consultations, we did them all by video call
The bandwidth held steady, the commitment didn’t fall.

How to plan strategically for the next three years took imagination
But we struck a new vision with priorities to advance collaboration

Alors que nous quittons 2020 et nous tournons vers l’année qui s’en vient,
Nous disons merci à tous ceux et celles qui nous ont apporté leur soutien.

We dug in together, staff, regulators, and volunteers
And realized these achievements with the help of our peers.