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House Finance Committee includes Engineers Canada recommendations in pre-budget consultation


The House Finance committee (FINA) tabled its pre-budget consultation report on February 16, including recommendations from Engineers Canada’s pre-budget submission.

In its pre-budget consultation report, titled Investing in Tomorrow: Canadian Priorities for Economic Growth and Recovery, the committee makes 145 recommendations under the themes of people; communities; businesses; fiscal policy, regulatory framework and trade; and environment and climate change.

Engineers Canada was pleased to see that the Committee included in its report some of the recommendations that Engineers Canada made in its pre-budget submission. Specifically, these include recommendations regarding supporting the acceleration of infrastructure projects, supporting the natural resources sector, and the continued efforts in building Canada’s high-speed broadband connectivity through a sustainable digital infrastructure. The recommendations outlined in the final report include;

  • recommendation 66: As part of the economic recovery, accelerate investments in infrastructure for fighting climate change, particularly investments in public transportation;
  • recommendation 72: In consultation with Northerners, design programs to address the Northern infrastructure gap in areas like housing, telecommunications, transportation, energy, and climate change preparedness;
  • recommendation 74: Ensure every person in Canada has access to reliable, high-speed internet by 2025, including those living in rural, remote, northern, and Indigenous communities; and
  • recommendation 100: Invest in the processing of natural resources and environmental development, particularly in the following sectors: renewable energy; forestry; innovative technologies; wastewater management; and research and development.

“We are happy to see the Finance Committee include our recommendations in their report, and recognize the importance of supporting green infrastructure and natural resources investments, and of investing in high-speed broadband connectivity.” said Gerard McDonald, Engineers Canada’s Chief Executive Officer. “These are issues that are important to all Canadians and will require the support and expertise of Canada’s engineering profession.”

Engineers Canada will continue to work with the federal government and advocate on issues that impact the engineering profession ahead of the 2021 federal budget.