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Joint statement on license mobility


technical drawingsThe following is joint statement from the National Society of Professional Engineers and Engineers Canada on license mobility:

Earlier this fall, the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and Engineers Canada held a conference call to discuss engineering license mobility between the countries, following NSPE’s submission of public comments to the U.S. Trade Representative regarding language in Canadian provincial licensure legislation establishing work requirements that create barriers for engineers who are licensed in the United States when trying to become licensed in Canadian provinces. 

Our two organizations had a positive, productive conversation about license mobility and steps that both countries can take to create fair conditions, consistent with protecting the public health, safety and welfare, to ease mobility for Professional Engineers between the two countries.

Agreements such as the one between ABET and Engineers Canada provide a foundation for achieving enhanced mobility. That agreement recognizes the substantial equivalence of accredited engineering education programs between our two countries. In existence since 1980, it has provided benefit for engineers seeking licensure in both countries. Additional work is required to ensure that provincial, territorial, and state law and regulation reflect the principles and goals of this and similar agreements.

Both organizations are committed to working together to identify additional viable solutions, and we look forward to continuing, open, dialogue. Together we strive to enhance the recognition of qualified engineers and promote mobility between our two countries.