The Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board (CEQB) of Engineers Canada is seeking proposals from firms or individual consultants to develop 4-5 descriptions of practice areas in the field of software engineering. The Project will be developed through interview-based data gathering, with anticipated completion of the Project in November 2021.

Successful completion of this Project will entail several key deliverables, including the following:

  • Phone interviews with 20-30 individuals working in the general area of software engineering
  • Outline of 4-5 proposed software engineering practice areas
  • 4-5 descriptions outlining practice areas in the field of software engineering

Background on the project

In 2019, the CEQB’s Task Force on Software Engineering received Board approval to revise the 2016 Engineers Canada Paper on software engineering, a public document that helps Canada’s engineering regulators define the practice of software engineering in Canada. As part of the consultation on what needed to be included in this revision, Canada’s engineering regulators requested that several appendices be added to describe key areas of practice in software engineering. This request primarily stemmed from the success of a similar approach used in the 2019 Engineers Canada Paper on Environmental Engineering.

The Task Force on Software Engineering subsequently developed a survey to support the development of the appendices, but due to the complexity of the topic, it became clear that it would be best to gather data through a series of 20-30 half-hour phone interviews with software engineers. The task force also decided that enlisting the services of a consultant to draft the appendices would be the most effective way to ensure that they are developed in a professional and consistent manner. These tasks were assigned to the CEQB Secretariat, which is comprised of Engineers Canada support staff, and form the impetus for this RFP.

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Questions concerning this RFP may be directed by email to Ryan Melsom, Manager, Qualifications and CEQB Secretary, at