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Data management system

Selecting and implementing an improved data management system will ensure that the technical side of accreditation and the Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey run optimally. Stakeholders for each of these will benefit from reduced administrative workload and a system that can more effectively accommodate changes to accreditation criteria and the Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey. This system will benefit multiple stakeholder groups: 

  • Higher education institutions (HEIs) and volunteers will enjoy an easier means to input data and perform other tasks
  • Engineers Canada will have a more robust, flexible, scalable, and sustainable capability to conduct the accreditation of engineering programs at HEIs
  • All stakeholders will benefit from reduced operational risk associated with existing systems, databases, and spreadsheets, as well as a reduction in duplicate data entry.

News on the data management system

January 2019

We continue preparations to roll out the Enrolment and Degrees Awarded Survey under the new data management system. This includes initial development of a training program, and beginning our acceptance testing to ensure the system meets our requirements.

January 2019

On January 15, 2019, the Accreditation Improvement Program (AIP) team hosted the AIP Data Management System Advisory Committee to provide a demonstration of the key features in the new Data Management System and to get their input on improvements and changes. The focus was on the 2019 Enrolment and Degrees Awarded survey and report, which will be the first use of the data management system. Training on the new system is anticipated to begin in Q2 2019.

November 2018

How long have you been working on accreditation software? We started in 2000 as a custom software developer and actually came to accreditation by accident. We’d worked with local accreditors as clients in Washington DC, and we started to realize that we could address a lot of their overlapping needs with a single set of tools. Eventually we sold the customization aspect of our business and began to focus on our accreditation management products and enterprise quality management software, which is similar in many ways.

November 2018

In November, ARMATURE, visited Engineers Canada to initiate the work we will be embarking on in the coming months. Dave McTaggart, ARMATURE CEO, also took some time to share his thoughts on the company’s past work and its partnership with Engineers Canada.

November 2018

In November, AIP staff began exploring the new data management system through a series of workshops. These provided valuable knowledge about the system’s features and insight into the potential impacts of using it. The hands-on use of the system marked an exciting moment in the AIP timeline, and a significant first step towards the extensive configuration and testing to come in the following months.

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