Engineers Canada launches a new campaign to inspire Canadians to think about engineers in new ways. Meet the space prodigy building MDA’s next-generation Canadarm. Water damage makes new Montreal condos uninhabitable. These were the most-read stories in the DMR in mid-April. 

Engineers Canada launches a new campaign. The “Building Tomorrows” campaign challenges Canadians to expand their perceptions of engineers—not just as builders of bridges and buildings—but as builders of solutions that make our world a better place. 

Next-generation Canadarm. Holly Johnson runs the MDA's space and robotics program developing the AI-enabled Canadarm3. She sees numerous commercial applications that can be created using their aerospace technology. 

New Montreal condos are uninhabitable. These recently built Montreal homes will have to be demolished, or repaired at an exorbitant cost, because of flawed construction and design, according to a lawsuit. All the buildings are affected to varying degrees by the same defects, since they were built by the same contractor, whose plans were designed and approved by the same architectural and engineering firms.