A strategic plan provides a focus to how organization will pursue its mission and achieve its objectives. Developed in response to identified trends, challenges, and opportunities across the engineering profession, Engineers Canada’s strategic plan is developed by the Board in consultation with key stakeholders, and is ultimately approved by the Canadian engineering regulators who make up the membership of Engineers Canada. 

The 2022-2024 strategic plan was approved by the members in May 2021. The plan sets out the Engineers Canada’s strategic priorities as we work to advance engineering through national collaboration. 

In 2022, the Engineers Canada Board made a decision to move from a three-year to a five-year strategic planning cycle. The 2025-2029 strategic plan is currently in development and is expected to be approved in the spring of 2024. 

Previous consultations in the development of the 2025-2029 strategic plan

  Consultation documents Consultation period
Regulator Consultations on the 2025-2029 Engineers Canada Strategic Plan

Supporting report:

Regulator Consultations on the 2025-2029 Engineers Canada Strategic Plan​

Consultation document:

Consultation Report on Draft 2025-2029 Strategic Plan

September 16 to November 24, 2023
Foresight exercise

Supporting document:

Supporting document:
Environmental scan

Supporting document:
SWOT analysis

Supporting document:
Presentation deck

February 22, 2023
Draft Environmental Scan for the 2025-2029 Strategic Plan

Consultation document:
Draft Environmental scan for the Engineers Canada Strategic Plan 2025-2029

Consultation report:
Consultation Report on Draft Environmental Scan for 2025-2029 Strategic Plan