Purpose of Engineers Canada

As stated in the Articles of Continuance, the purpose of Engineers Canada is to serve the collective interests of the regulators, to promote and maintain the interests, honour and integrity of the Canadian engineering profession, and to do all such lawful things as are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing, including to serve the regulators and strengthen the profession by: 

  1. Accrediting undergraduate engineering programs.
  2. Facilitating and fostering working relationships between and amongst the regulators.
  3. Providing services and tools that; enable the assessment of engineering qualifications, foster excellence in engineering practice and regulation, and facilitate mobility of practitioners within Canada.
  4. Offering national programs.
  5. Advocating to the federal government.
  6. Actively monitoring, researching, and advising on changes and advances that impact the Canadian regulatory environment and the engineering profession. 
  7. Managing risks and opportunities associated with mobility of work and practitioners internationally. 
  8. Fostering recognition of the value and contribution of the profession to society and sparking interest in the next generation of professionals. 
  9. Promoting diversity and inclusivity in the profession that reflects Canadian society. 
  10. Protecting any word(s), mark, design, slogan, or logo, or any literary, or other work, as the case may be, pertaining to the engineering profession or to its objects. 

Governance Documents