#EngineeringLife is an occasional series that explores the human side of engineering. These stories focus on the lives and insights of engineers, EITs, and engineering students, highlighting their experiences and their perspectives on important issues facing society today. This series is supported by Engineers Canada’s affinity program partner TD Insurance.

Webb Telescope image

What the James Webb Space Telescope means to engineers

Published July 28, 2022

Engineers Canada gets engineers’ reactions about the first images from the Webb telescope, and what it means for the future of space exploration.

Home with Solar Panels

Energy efficiency in the summer

Published June 30, 2022

In Canada we spend much of our year focused on keeping warm against the colder months, but in recent years many are doubling down on keeping the heat out during the summer, a season that appears to be starting earlier and earlier.

Engineering Heroes photo 3x2

Engineering heroes: Who inspires and guides engineers through their careers

Published June 2, 2022

Growing up, it’s easy to wonder if Nikola Tesla realized he wanted to be an engineer. Did he know what engineering was or what an engineer could do?

#EngineeringLife AI and ethics 3x2 Billingual

Engineering ethics and the future of AI

Published May 5, 2022

They may not always be visible, but artificial intelligence (AI) and machine language are a driving force in many aspects of our daily lives. What does the future hold for AI and machine learning from an engineering point of view?

two students saying hello

Back to school this year brings excitement and apprehension for engineering students

Published September 9, 2021

Engineering students are returning to in-person classes for the first time since early 2020.

Composted digital graphic of map with points of light and airplanes traversing between them

Gaining perspective: working internationally as an engineer

Published July 29, 2021

Whether it’s something you’ve long dreamt about and actively sought out, or whether the opportunity just happened to fall into your lap, working internationally can present a number of benefits for engineers.

image of a blue sky with clouds and sun

12 tips for staying cool in the summer heat

Published June 30, 2021

As climate change drives hotter temperatures, our first impulse to keep cool, especially in our homes, is to turn on the air conditioner.

road at sunset

A fork in the road: Retiring from engineering

Published May 20, 2021

Rather than an end, retiring from an engineering career may be the start of new opportunities and tackling new challenges.

group of engineers

The engineers of tomorrow: The engineer-in-training

Published April 22, 2021

Engineers-in-training share their experiences on the journey to licensure.

student dept

Student debt in the face of a pandemic

Published March 25, 2021

Amid a global pandemic, repaying student debt has remained a significant burden for graduates.

A person using their phone to control internet-connected devices.

Public safety in the ‘Internet of Things’ era

Published February 25, 2021

In an increasingly digital world, products and devices are evermore interconnected. Doorbells, watches, light bulbs, thermostats, TVs, speakers, appliances, security systems, and vehicles– objects that once performed a simple task are now embedded with transmitters and receivers, and “talk” to each other over the Internet.

Head full of Creatitvity-3x2

Seeing what others haven’t: creativity and inspiration in engineering

Published January 28, 2021

We asked engineers, where does their creativity come from? What sparks creativity for engineers? What inspires it?

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Engineering Life is an occasional series that explores the human side of engineering through stories and insights in the lives of engineers. This series is supported by affinity program partner TD Insurance, a trusted partner dedicated to helping engineers and geoscientists get access to preferred insurance rates on car, home, condo and tenant coverage.

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