Tandem launched in the Winter of 2024 for the programs being visited in the 2024/2025 visit cycle. These resources are being made available to all HEIs, regardless of their visit schedule, to support the transition to Tandem.

User guide 

This User Guide is intended for HEI representatives involved in preparing and submitting materials for a CEAB accreditation visit through Tandem.


To assist users in becoming familiar with Tandem, we have developed tutorials that cover themes aligned with the principal sections of the User Guide. These tutorials are presented in a logical order, guiding users through the initial tasks they need to perform in the system.

  • How to create a trusted contact. 
  • How to enter faculty members’ information. 
  • How to set the length of term factors. 
  • How to enter generic course information. 
  • How to assign courses to a program. 
  • How to enter program-specific information. 
  • How to review a program dashboard. 
  • How to complete and submit a Questionnaire. 

To access the playlist of these tutorials on YouTube, click here.

Introductory webinars

Webinar 1: An introduction to Tandem

This webinar provides an overview of Tandem and step-by-step instructions on how to enter generic course data and faculty information.

View the presentation slides.

Webinar 2: Submission of accreditation materials

This webinar provides information on how to enter program-specific information and complete the Questionnaire in Tandem.

View the presentation slides.

Training scenarios

We have developed two training scenarios that provide users with step-by-step guidance on executing the initial tasks in Tandem. These scenarios serve as supplements to the User Guide and tutorials. 

The first scenario guides HEIs representatives in creating a trusted contact, setting the length of term factors, and entering and updating generic course data and faculty information.

The second scenario focuses on how to assign courses to a program, enter program-specific information, review a program dashboard, update program artifacts, and complete and submit a Questionnaire for the Evaluation of an Engineering Program through Tandem.

For more information

For more information, contact the accreditation team at visits@engineerscanada.ca.