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Saves you thousands in interest costs and simplifies your finances

Manulife One is a flexible, all-in-one account. By combining your deposits and your borrowings into one account, you automatically use your savings and income to reduce your debts, potentially saving more in interest costs than you'd likely make in interest earnings.          

Why choose this program?

  • Access your money anytime.
  • Grow your wealth.
  • Pay off your mortgage sooner.
  • Save thousands in interest.
  • Simplify and manage your finances.
  • Pay no monthly fees for the first six months.

Program details

  • High-interest bank account that pays one of the highest rates on every dollar in your account.
  • Your income could instantly reduce what you have borrowed.
  • Every day that even a dollar of your income stays in your account, you have less debt, so you pay less interest.
  • Bring all your banking together to simplify your finances so your income and savings can work to reduce debt faster.

How do I sign-up?

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