Travel to many major cities in Canada in a relaxed environment with VIA Rail.

Engineers Canada is proud to partner with VIA Rail Canada to provide engineers and geoscientists with discounts on train travel. VIA Rail is shaping the future of mobility, alleviating congestion in cities, reducing transport emissions, and providing barrier-free accessible transportation.

Program FAQ

What is the discount percentage?

There’s a 5% discount on fares for the traveller and up to 3 guests.*

Is the program for business travel only?

The program is for both business and leisure travel.

How do I make a reservation?

You can make reservations in both official languages. We’ve provided links to the reservation sites below:

What about eligibility?

The Program is available to engineers, geoscientists, and staff of the provincial and territorial regulatory associations. Proof of eligibility may be requested.

For engineers and geoscientists, this would be proof of licensure or membership at the regulator, along with photo ID. Either one (1) of:

  • membership card
  • license documentation
  • license renewal confirmation
  • identifying their name on the regulator’s public directory

For regulator staff, proof of employment along with a piece of photo ID. Either one (1) of:

  • business card
  • e-business card

I’m currently a VIA Préférence member; can I still accumulate points with this Program?

Yes, VIA Préférence members can accumulate points when using the group discount code.

*Exceptions are Prestige and Escape Fares. This discount can’t be combined with other discounts.

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Discount code: 820071