Life can throw curve balls - get the right policy at the right price

Manulife offers three types of insurance plans designed for engineering professionals and families for financial protection against death and accidents.

Why choose this program?

  • One of the oldest and largest group insurance plans in Canada (over 70 years).
  • Industry-leading benefits you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.
  • Very attractive group rates not available to the general public.
  • Coverage stays with you even if you move or change jobs.
  • Buy coverage for yourself, your spouse and your eligible dependent children.

Term Life Insurance

Engineers Canada-sponsored Term Life Insurance helps fill financial gaps that can quickly develop if you pass away. It is one of the oldest and largest group plans in Canada with over 80,000 professionals and their families now covered.

  • Value for money – low group rates, volume discounts and unique combination of benefits.
  • Built-in benefits – includes living benefit and waiver of premium at no extra cost.
  • Long term – stay covered up to age 85 regardless of health changes.
  • Exclusive – created for engineers, geoscientists, technicians, technologists and their families.

TIP: Term insurance is popular for a good reason: its premiums are usually lower than permanent life insurance, allowing you to buy more coverage.

Major Accident Protection

Engineers Canada-sponsored Major Accident Protection can provide the funds to help take your mind off the immediate costs of an accident—so you and your family can focus on recovery instead of bills.

  • $1,000,000 maximum Major Impairment benefit.
  • $125,000 maximum Accidental Death benefit.
  • As little as $1.50 in monthly premiums     .
  • Premiums do not go up with age.
  • No medical tests or questions when you apply.
  • You’re covered anywhere in the world.

Child Life and Accident Protection

If you have children, you wouldn’t want financial concerns to get in the way of getting the best treatment for them in case of a serious accident.

  • Helps ease financial concerns so you can give your child the best possible care, even take time off work, in case of a serious accident.
  • Up to $500,000 in Major Impairment benefits or $25,000 in Term Life coverage for each child.
  • A single premium of just $5.85 per month covers all your eligible children, regardless of how many you have.
  • Eligible children are covered up to age 21, or up to age 25 if they attend school full-time.


To sign up or for information about an existing policy, contact Manulife

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